Welcome to SKETCH IT, a community art project aimed at showcasing the the beauty of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We are inviting homeowners, business owners, and visitors to send us photographs of houses, shops, buildings, and structures within the city limits of Eureka Springs. Our goal is to eventually capture the essence of every structure in town.

To participate, simply attach your photos in the form below, email Robert your photographs or send them through Facebook Messenger. Max. 10MB upload file size for the form below. Also please make sure they have enough detail for Robert to work with. Low resolution, grainy or out of focus photos can be hard to work with. If he can't see it he can't draw it. Along with your photograph, please include the location of the building as well as your contact information.

Robert will choose photos to illustrate and publish the finished sketches on several Facebook pages for everyone to see. We will also notify the photographer if possible, but we cannot guarantee it. The finished original sketches will be available for purchase at Studio 34, ranging in size from 5x7 up to 11x14. However, most of them will be the smaller size. Prints will also be available both online and in-store.

Please note that the entire building does not need to be in the photograph. All original illustrations will be done in ink and watercolor. If the customer who photographed the building wishes to purchase the original in & watercolor sketch, we will not release it for sale until they've had the chance to purchase it.

We are also working on an interactive map that will show what buildings we have already illustrated and what the sketches look like. It will also include a link to where you can purchase prints or originals.

Thank you for participating in the SKETCH IT project and helping us promote Eureka Springs as an art community. We can't wait to see your photographs!

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