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Woodzy Furniture Is...

Made to last

Woodzy Furniture Is...

We pride ourselves on the strength of our construction. We have customers from 20 years back who are still enjoying the pieces Robert made for them. There are a couple of things to notice about our building style in comparison to other log furniture on the market.

  • We begin by kiln-drying our wood, and not all manufacturers of reclaimed wood furniture go through this step. Kiln-drying is extremely important for reclaimed wood because it removes excess moisture and kills any unwanted guests that the wood may have in it.
  • We use high-quality exterior screws everywhere in the furniture. These are coated so that they will not rust or stain your furniture over time. They can be tightened over time if necessary. Boards can be easily removed and replaced if necessary.
  • We use a lap-joint construction style. This means that notches are cut in the logs, with each one fitted over the other to form the joints. There is also plenty of cross-bracing. This creates joints that are solid yet able to slightly flex and move with the wood, as wood expands and contracts naturally with the environment. Compared to a mortise and tenon style joint, the lap joint is superior for exterior furniture. This is because, over time, water will be able to penetrate the mortised joint and will not be able to escape. Eventually this will cause the tenon to rot and snap off.

High Quality

Woodzy Furniture Is...

Our furniture is the highest quality log furniture on the market. We spend a lot of time with each piece, and the quality of our craftsmanship shows in our final product. You will find that our work is:

  • Comfortable to use. The detail we put into sanding each piece makes our furniture very comfortable to use. A lot of log furniture remains rough, and this makes it uncomfortable. When you put your hands on the arm of a rocking chair or a bench from Woodzy, it feels silken and lovely to touch.
  • Easy to maintain. The quality of our sanding work also makes the final piece easy to clean. The smoother the surface, the faster you can remove dust and anything else.
  • Beautifully finished. The finishes we use for both interior and exterior are chosen because they allow the wood to truly shine. We want to still be able to see the natural wood color and grain. We do not use varnish or heavy coats of polyurethane as many log furniture manufacturers do. This is because those finishes look plastic and will eventually crack and peel, which will require sanding and prep work prior to reapplication. Our finishes are easy to reapply if necessary. 

Custom-Made with Care 

Woodzy Furniture Is...

We love working with our customers to create the perfect pieces for their space. With Woodzy, you don’t simply purchase furniture, you get the one-on-one attention of a friend. Your satisfaction is our success. We work hard to ensure that we understand your needs and create the furniture that you will cherish for years to come.