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About our Woodworking


The foundation of our work is the wood that we collect to create our unique furniture and decor. We don't harvest new trees and mill them. We do a service to our environment by gathering the trees that have already fallen, be it for natural or made-made causes that were not our own. This keeps wooded areas clearer on the forest floor, leaving less fuel in case of wild fires. 

Our style is to leave the logs in their natural shapes so that the overall piece feels more organic and woodsy. We also use salvaged barnwood for our creations, especially featured in our Rustic Lodge Collection. Using old wood gives the finished product the perfect rustic patina.

About Our Woodworking

About Our Woodworking

About Our Woodworking

 Woodzy woodshop in Northwest Arkansas Our woodshop is located in the Ozark Mountain area of Northwest Arkansas. This area has been known for its folk traditions for generations, especially woodworking and carving. We keep that tradition alive in our work and also add our own unique artistic touches.

About Our Woodworking


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