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The Art of Robert R. Norman

The Art Of Robert R. Norman

National and international authority on rustic furniture and design, Robert R. Norman's talent is as diverse as his work.  His artistic visions are rooted in his passion for appreciating and preserving the natural world.  Vibrant images of fish are a predominate theme in his art, and his style captures the imagination with bright colors and bold lines.  

Robert’s fascination with rustic furniture and all things fish began in childhood; his father and uncles were cabinet makers and avid fishermen and included Bob in both activities from a very young age.  A natural artist, he studied commercial design in college and worked as a commercial artist for a time.  By the 1990’s, he began making his own unique furniture designs using gathered sticks from roadsides and riverbanks, as well as sustainably harvested, fast-growing sassafras. These designs were the core of Roadside Rustics, a company he founded in 1996. 

Since then he has received wide-spread national recognition in a variety of magazines such as Country Living and Log Home Design. He has had pieces on display as far afield as the fashion runways of Milan, Italy. His contemporary furniture is a blend of classic rustic design with his artistic approach, resulting in a distinctive style that has been described as “art fusion.”

Sometimes referred to as the “God of Fish,” his painted fish reveal the intense vibrancy of the natural world, expressing both his imagination and passion for life. Original artwork featuring his distinctive “Bass Transport” was selected to promote the May Festival of the Arts in 2011, developing the notoriety of the artist’s prolific and visionary work. He was named Artist of the Year in 2013 by the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce. For currently available paintings and art furniture, visit our Original Paintings page or the Painted Furniture page.