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About our Finishes

 rustic rocking chair


Our standard finish is a blend of satin polyurethane, boiled linseed oil, and pure gum turpentine, which is rubbed into the wood. This finish penetrates the wood and has a natural, touchable feel.


If you are purchasing furniture for an outdoor location, please specify at checkout that you wish to have exterior finish applied. We use Olympic Maximum, a clear sealing product that has a three-year warranty.  



We do not recommend placing furniture outdoors in a completely uncovered location. If you choose to do so, your furniture will weather more quickly and may require more frequent applications of sealant to maintain a fresh finish.

When used outdoors under cover, the furniture should be resealed at least once every three years with a clear exterior wood sealer and should be stored indoors during the winter months, if possible. The sealant may be sprayed or brushed on.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our woods and finishes, or outdoor use and maintenance.