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5 Things to Know Before Buying Log Furniture


Buying log furniture can be a little overwhelming when you consider the wide range of styles and types of construction. Here's what you need to look for when buying log furniture:

Do know if…

  • The wood was kiln dried?
  • The furniture was built to last?
  • The furniture has a high-quality finish?
  • The furniture will be comfortable to use?
  • The furniture will be easy to maintain?


    Kiln Dried and Heat Treated

    Having kiln-dried and heat-treated wood is the only way to ensure that the wood was dry enough for use and free of any unwanted guests. Kiln-drying is important for all wood because removing the excess moisture will prevent additional warping and splitting over time. Heat-treating is important because it kills any pests, fungi, or other unwanted guests. These problems may re-develop if wood furniture is left outdoors, but if you start with heat-treated wood, your furniture will have better longevity. You can rest easy when you buy from Woodzy because we kiln-dry and heat treat all our reclaimed wood.

    Made to Last

    If you’re not a woodworker, it’s hard to look at the construction of furniture and tell how well it’s made. We know from over twenty years of experience that our furniture stands the test of time, but what makes it so strong?

    As any woodworker worth their salt will tell you, it’s the joinery and finish that makes wood furniture last. Robert’s designs for our log furniture are based around a “lap joint,” where the logs are notched, fitted over the other, and affixed together. This creates a bond within the joint that is both sturdy and flexible. And, of course, there are several cross braces underneath and between to keep the pieces in place.

    When it comes to exterior furniture, a lap joint is superior to a mortise-and-tenon style joint because moisture is allowed to flow around and not pool in the joint. Water will inevitably penetrate a mortise and tenon joint, which will eventually rot the wood and snap off the tenon.

    High Quality Finish - Easy to Maintain

    The finish you choose for your exterior furniture is very important. Some log furniture is finished with heavy coats of polyurethane or varnish. This forms a plastic seal around the wood that will eventually crack and peel, especially if it is exposed to sunlight and other outdoor elements. This will result in the need to sand and prep the wood thoroughly prior to reapplication. That’s why we don’t use heavy varnish or polyurethane.

    The finish we choose for our exterior furniture has a soft, pliable feeling that is not too heavy but gives the protection you need from occasional moisture. It doesn’t require sanding prior to reapplication and has easy clean-up. Easy peasy.

    Comfortable to Use

    The comfort of use has to do with how well the wood is sanded and finished. If you have a nice, smooth surface, it will be enjoyable to touch. Sitting in a rocking chair with silken arms is so much more enjoyable than sitting in something that is rough and prickly. A lot of log furniture on the market has a very rough finish in comparison to ours. We pride ourselves on the attention we give to each piece to create a finished product you will enjoy using.

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